Twenty years ago, Ken and Diane Wilson held a casual barbecue at Wilson Winery with the belief that children of Sonoma County vineyard workers should not be limited by financial hardships in their pursuit of higher education opportunities; thus began the Children of the Vineyard Workers Scholarship fundraiser (CVWSF). In 2002, the Wilson Family collaborated with the Sonoma County Farm Bureau given their deep rooted values in the agriculture industry and education. Each year, Wilson Artisan Wineries is honored to provide numerous scholarships benefitting youth across Sonoma County and has distributed more than $500,000 in scholarships since inception.

The generosity of our community has helped with contribution to over 200 scholarships awarded to local youth seeking higher education. If you or someone you know is an eligible candidate, click here to find more information about how to submit a scholarship application. If you would you like to support the cause, use the links below to learn more.