Welcome to Club Wilson. We appreciate your membership and value your commitment. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs and provide excellence in customer service.

From our vineyards to your table, we thank you for joining our family.
-Diane & Ken Wilson

Initiating a club membership requires no sign up fees. Members must be 21 years of age or older.

Learn about temperature controlled shipping here.

For questions, please contact the Wine Club:

  • Enrollment in any club is a one year commitment.
  • Club members are expected to receive club shipments on a regular basis to receive club benefits.
  • Members will be billed to their credit card on file on the scheduled date of their automatic club shipments.
  • Members are expected to communicate all updates and changes to their account prior to club shipment dates including credit card numbers, shipping addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.
  • The wines in these club shipments are all new releases and personally selected by Diane Wilson, our winemaker and owner. Wilson Winery consistently wins top honors at local, state, and national wine competitions. These quality wines are included in your automatic club shipments.
  • For club shipment information, please click here
  • Substitutions or hand-selecting of club shipments is not permitted.
  • Members may purchase additional wines with discount.
  • Purchasing wine other than club shipments does not fulfill future club order requirements.
  • At the time of membership initiation, members may request to ship or pick up club shipments. Designation of type may change at any time in membership. For more information on each type, please refer to sections below.
  • Vineyard Clubs: September, December, February, and May
  • Coyote Club: October and March
  • Cellar Clubs: October and March
  • Cask Club: February and September
  • Barrel Club: September, December, February, and May

*Cask Club Memberships prior to 02.19.2021 will be processed in November and April

  • Club members will receive electronic reminders to pick up their shipment. Club shipments are to be picked up 60 days after club shipment dates unless an extended hold is requested and confirmed.
  • To extend your hold date, please contact our Wine Club .
  • Club shipments not picked up by the final date indicated on your electronic notification will be sent to your shipping address on file and shipping charges will be billed to your credit card.
  • Pick Up members are responsible to update shipping address on file and pay all shipping expenses incurred.
  • All alcohol deliveries must be signed for by someone over 21 years of age. Business addresses are strongly recommended.
  • Stay in touch with Wilson! Club members are expected to communicate any address shipping changes or special requests for shipment dates in writing prior to all club shipments to club manager.
  • Members are financially responsible for all failed delivery attempts (signature requirement or incorrect address) unless carrier is liable due to negligence.
  • You will receive a tracking number for all wine shipments as well as the expected delivery date. Depending on your location, shipments will take 2 to 10 business days with the East Coast being 7-14 days.
  • All carriers will attempt 3 deliveries before returning the shipment to the winery.
  • All shipments are shipped ground through UPS unless other arrangements have been confirmed. Fed Ex and GSO are available upon request.
  • Our goal is to minimize your shipping cost. We charge you the actual shipping cost that we incur from our shipper.
  • Shipping is available Monday thru Friday. All orders must be received and processed prior to 10 am, PST, on the day to be shipped.
  • To expedite receipt of your wine delivery, two-day air is available at an additional expense upon request.
  • Temperature controlled shipping is available for the mid-west, southern and eastern states during extreme cold or heat temperatures. For more information, please contact Wilson Winery to learn more about our temperature controlled delivery.
  • All qualifying members will receive their industry discount on all wine purchases while enjoying full club benefits.
  • To qualify for our Industry Wine Club, members must be:
    • current and regularly scheduled employees
    • receiving payroll
    • local winery establishment
    • continuous employment in wine industry
  • To apply for the Industry Club:
    • Complete Wine Club Form
    • Select Cask Club
    • Attach current payroll stub or business card with phone number for HR Department.
  • All membership applications for Industry Club subject to verification of current employment.
  • Club Manager will confirm membership by email following submission and approval of application.
  • Club members may re-order wines in club shipments with additional savings of 10% discount on wine and $.01 ground shipping on case re-orders.
  • Re-orders are to be received thirty (30) days following club shipment dates.
  • Re-order forms are available in your club newsletters and included in your club shipment.

If any of your wines are flawed (for example, corked) or damaged during shipping (for example, leakage) not due to negligence in receipt, please contact Wilson Winery immediately for replacement. For this reason, we ask that you open and inspect all wine deliveries in a timely manner as we do sell out of each vintage within the year. Please communicate in writing specific information: wine, year, damage, and/or flaw.

Members agree to accept the first two (Cask and Cellar), or four (Barrel and Vineyard Club),
  • If members miss club shipments due to declined cards, all club benefits will be temporarily suspended until the member updates their card on file and receives current club shipments.
  • Only club members that have received the minimum number of club shipments may request to skip a club shipment. All requests are to be made in writing to the Wine Club; member will receive a return email approval as confirmation. If approved, the member will retain full club benefits during this time.
  • Club membership information must be in good standing and updated to skip regular club shipments.
  • If club members consistently miss club shipments, club membership benefits may be revoked by management and/or membership inactivated.
    • Vineyard and Barrel Club may miss no more than one shipment per year to remain in good standing.
    • Cellar and Cask Club may miss no more than one shipment every other year to remain in good standing.
  • If a club member misses two or more consecutive club shipments without authorization, club membership will be de-activated.
  • If account information is not current and updated, then management may de-activate club membership.
  • Club membership may be de-activated by management if club member consistently skips regular club shipments.

Enrollment in any club is a one year commitment. Membership may be cancelled after receiving minimum club shipments as stipulated in membership agreement.

  • Cancellation must be made in writing after fulfilling your club shipment agreement.
  • Please submit electronically your request to inactivate to the Wine Club . Upon approval, you will receive a confirmation letter from the Wine Club Manager.

Early Inactivation. If a club member requests to inactivate before receiving the minimum number of club shipments, a $50 early cancel fee will be charged as well as the balance of all wine and shipping discounts received as a benefit of club membership.