The Coyote Sculpture at Wilson Winery

From the Artist, Bryan Tedrick:
My conception of Coyote was simply to make an animal that would fit in the context of the desert at Black Rock (Burning Man). Coyote’s character also seems a good metaphor for freedom, love of wild spaces, and the tenacity to remain. The empty stomach is representative of the drive to survive and the propelling force of life on earth. Playful and pack loving, Coyote howls for companionship and the love of the hunt.

Coyote measures 26′ tall by 23′ long and 11′ deep.Weight is appx. 7 tons and is made of steel and stainless steel. It was funded by and shown at Burning Man 2013.

Click here to watch a short video on the design and creation of the of Coyote.