Wilson Winery has been practicing sustainable farming techniques for many years. It has been Ken & Diane Wilson’s goal to achieve sustainability for the resulting quality wines along with a commitment to the environment for the benefit of future generations. Our sustainable practices are realized in many forms, but primarily through water conservation, recycling, use of organic growing practices including encouraging pest control through attracting raptors in our vineyards.

Water Conservation

Our water use efforts include: Strategic use of drip irrigation Dry farming


Staff and guests are encouraged to recycle: Recycling bins clearly marked and placed at convenient locations for vineyard, cellar and tasting room staff and guests. Top-down culture of reduce, reuse and recycle through selection of materials used for everyday and events. Reuse and repurpose of materials throughout various locations.

Organic Growing

Practices & Techniques include: Limited use of round-up and pesticides. Use of high quality compost and cover crops in the vineyard to protect soil from erosion, balance nitrogen and offer habitat for beneficial insects Incorporation of owl boxes in our vineyards to encourage owl for natural rodent control.